Siddha System of Medicine

The siddha system of medicine is one of the ancient system contemporaneous unit those of the submerged levels, egyption, mesopotamian, chinese and Grecian medicine.The unique nature of this system is its continuous service to the humidity for more than 5000 years in combating, diseases and in maintaining its physical, mental moral health.The system as its exists has much in common unit more ancient medicine. The enormous pharmacopoeia containing vegetable, animal and mineral products at time.

Ancient medicine rests upon four pillars viz., (1) a knowledge of the physical nature (2) a knowledge of the powers of the mind (3) a knowledge of the Divine powers in man, (4) upon the personal virtue or holiness of the physician.

Moreover in this system, medicines consist of three kinds viz. (1) Oppurai (friendly medicines) (2) Ethirurai (Antagonistic medicines) and (3) kalappurai (a mixture of the above two kinds). No.1 is a cure employed by those drugs which excite the symptoms similar to those of the disease, as in the case of Homeopathy medicines; No.2 is a cure by those drugs which acts against and suppress the symptoms of a disease as in the case of allopathic medicine; (3) is a cure by adopting the combination of the above two methods judiciously and strengthening the action of the drug or drugs of similar actions whenever required as, in the case of Siddiha system.

These medicines may be roughly divided into three classes

  • Miracle medicines
  • Sophisticated medicine
  • Common medicine

Miracle medicine are becoming rare and should be learned direct from the master who, higly undergoes all form of initiation and hazards of appreciationship, have needed perfection in all respect. Sophisticated medicine may be scientifically prepared and used by the well trained physician without much risk. Common medicines are the most simple and very cheap things, which were in wide use.

So, Siddha system of medicine includes in it not only medicine but also Astrology, Magic, called ordinarily Mani, Mantram and Oushadam.

It should always be remembered that the causes of disease are due to the disturbance of the Doshas of Dhatus; and they are of the internal and external causes. The internal cause is constitutional or Karma Rogas, bringing up direct from the disturbance of (1) Dhatus-the three humors (2) Tissues-the seven Dhatus (3) Gunas or quality-the guiding principles of mind. (4) Malas-the secretive and excretive wastes.

A disease is that which affects either the body or the mind or both. Disease such as, leprosy, fistula, piles etc. are due to the abnormalities of the four elements constituting the semen and the ovum. Disease like colie, peritonitis, intestinal obstruction, cholera etc. are due to the vitiation of the four constituents of either mothers as assimilation or one's own after-birth i.e, inborn or acquired. This vitiation is said to be karmic and is only inferable.

The principles and methods of treatment is too big subject to be dealt with in a few words. The sine qua non of proper treatment is of course proper diagnostic, particularly with view to our 'Tridosha' pathology. So, the physician has been enjoined to take note of the particular type of the disease, the involvement of organs other that those directly affected, the climate, the strength and the power of digestion, the temperament of the patient, his age. Habits of living etc., for purposes of correct diagnosis and to decide upon the correct line of treatment. A physician ought to possess knowledge to enter the very innermost part of the patient, without which he can never treat the disease properly according to siddhar's view.

The success of a physician is therefore due chiefly to his clear grasp of the derangement of humors and his selected and well-considered treatment of that dearrangement, according to welldefined principles of Therapeutics. With out knowledge of the said dearrangements, treatment would be unscientific and may lead to disaster.

The specialities of Siddhars are very potent remedies; and so, practitioners should scrupulously careful, special attention being paid to the form, the dosage, the diet the vehicle or medium of medicine etc.

They had investigated and studied fully the cause and effect of disease and all kinds of drugs,minerals and poision.They can even disintegrate them at their will,and can also dematerialse or rematerialize their bodies as the liked.their knowledge of the inherent nature and the therapeutic and magnetic effect of different drugs combined with the practice of regulating their breathing in VASIYOGAM is supported to give them longevity and superhuman person quste beyond our comprehension.


Siddha are consider to be super human being who has defined age and other law's of nature to which all human being are subjected to. The term siddhar derived from the word siddhi which literally means accomplished achieved or perfect success and sovier refers to as who had attained his end in spiritual goals.

The person who have achieved some of the noble aim or those who make the public understand that they have gained some super natural power passed by the venerable appellation of siddhar.They realised that if the body could get rid of birth and death and live arvekening by rousing with their suppressed breathing,the KUNDALINI(separate power of its termed) lying dormant at the base of the spinal column in the region of the several plexus and with the help of remedies of high potencial and virtual consisting of all kind of drugs,minerals metallic preparation and poisons they sought for elixir of life thus conquering all infirmities against grey hair,wrinkles of the skin,old age and death.They could fly through several regions with the aid of animated mercurial pills and even visited all the planets & stars.

They can able to change their bodies (physical) in to god bodies (etheric).They can change the material of their bodies and rearrange the molecules in such a fashion that they may have no more sickness or death.They can send mental electricity without the aid of nerve-channels thus holding communian by remaining in their our places with any body and anywhere in the universe.

Siddhar were a class of popular writer in tamil in all its branches of knowledge and many of their work were written in what is called complicated tamil.They were further the greatest scientists in ancient times. They written clearly in their works on four subjects 1. Alchemy 2. Medicine 3. Yoga 4. Philosophy

Vada or alchemy is that portion of that chemistry which deals and treat of transforming in clear lucid fashion in all its varied branches of changing baser metals to higher by minerals , vegetables and by animals.

Vaidhya is that of medicine by chemistry for the ailments of man.

Ganana is the study of the nature, of mater , and nodulation of man with universal god. And youga is the practice of Brahma Vidya Or Raja Yoga to attain the summum bonum of their ambition, /moksha, which means transferring themselves both physically and spiritually.

The siddhars are said to use some special secret herbs and drugswhich are endowed with the virtues relating to Alchemy, Medicine, Yoga and Wisdom, they purposely screened them from the eyes of the public who are likely to misuse them for their sinful acts and wicked deeds and so made them almost impossible to reach their vision by their curse to these plants. It should be known that they are really in existence and will be visible only to the virtuous few.

Siddhar's Principles

Twice per day we take our meals;
Thrice we never take,
At night we sleep but never in day;
Once a month we take to sex:
Water we drink at meals alone However thristy,
not other times;
Except yam, roots we won't
Never we take plantain matured
Tender onces we take; and walk
Lovely after taking melas;
What has death to do with us ?-
Twice an year emtic we take
Thrice the purge we never forget
Sniff we have eitht times a year
Weekly shave we never forget
Every fourth day we bath with oil
Collyrium twice a week we take
Perfumes we never smells at nights
What has death to do with us ?

The classical level of siddha medicine is systematized and this system is well known for several centuries at this level only. The greater of siddha system of medicine is that it taught to mankind directly by the supreme god SIVA himself through sakthi, Nandhikeswar, the aswini, thevar and sage agathiar.

The treatment is in two parts (1) Arsham that is cure by herbs & roots. (2)Thanthikam that is cure by metallic substance. It's object is three fold (1)Preventive, (2) curative and (3) recuperative and also prolongation of life. Sound mind in a sound body is a sound MAXIM, and nothing can be achieved with a disordered or diseased body.The siddhar aimed at sound body.For unithought it liberation and bliss are out of question. The curing disease by means of this system are.

Mani is included in mercurial pills or rasa kulikai and manthiram is yogam There are more than 1000 books available with standardized formulae, by using this most of the medicines are prepared.

The pulse feeling was peculiarly siddhic.The nadis are three

When the physician feels the pulse, he tells us if the three humours-wind, bile and phlegm, are normal or abnormal. The other thing to be observe are Eye, the touge, the body, excrement, urine, touch, sound.

The panchabhutha theory of matter which is one of the basic fundamental of siddha system has nor been properly studied by the western science which once held that every material object could be analysed back till we reached the atoms of some eight and odd elementary substance.

The human body is composed of five element 1.Earth 2.Water 3.Fire 4.Nayn(air) 5.Akash

The guiding principles of mind and body.

In the mental body there activity are being guided by the three qualities 1.Satwa, 2.Rajas 3.Tamas.

Vayu, pitta and kapha are the two support of the human body and should be consider to be most essential factors in the constitution of the human body. They all together contribute all the nutritive fluids derived from the solid, liquid and gaseous food materials digested by the human organisms. In siddha medicine they are called the supporting Dhatus, became they support the human frame just like a pillars in a building.when they create condition unsuitable to the healthy growth of the tissue.

All the subtle force of man is in the brain and the spinal cord. It is the life seat of man. The prana sakthi called vayu in combination with pitta and sleshma is called the three humors in the body. So the Tridosha theory is the important point to be considering in health and disease. This Tridosha in causation, signs and symptom is a great boom for Indian physicians. For diagnosis and prognosis of disease. Without a clear knowledge of the internal root causes of a disease, no proper diagnosis is possible. It is only when these are in moderate or normal condition that health and strength are kept up. When these are either increased or lessened the trouble comes in and the result is diseases.


The Kayakalpam in siddha system is that which aims at making the body durable by rejuvenating the vital organs of the body. This is to attain perfection in yoga practiced of the final attainment of eternal bliss and Gnanam. The ordinary physical body by way of taking kayakalpam gets purified and becomes SAMBAYA SARIRAM. Which required a special type of diet. This is the reason why that this type of body is without narai, Thirai, Moopu and sakkadu or death.


There are about 108 kalpams and methods of taking them are evidence from the siddha literature. Mooligai karpam are 60 in number and 48 belong to metallic and mineral preparations. Apart from all these is vari yoga kalpam based on the science of breathing. The duration of the kalpam ranges from one mandalam (48 days) to three mandalams as per the age group older person the longer should be the duration of taking kalpam.

Rules about food: After bath, one should sitting in a clean place and erect posture, .The food eaten should be lukewarm and oily. It should consist of different kinds of edibles. So that all the six tastes may be present, namely sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, saline and astringent. It should be nutritious and so prepared that one may have a delight for it. It should again be served by a person who bears affection or love for the eater. One should not eat very quickly or slowly. Proper measure of food should be taken so that the body remains light after eating. One should eat till hunger and thirst are appeased. After eating is over, one should chew spices enclosed in betel levels. Within the first four parts of the right one should take his second meals as described above. After supper, one should sleep in a dry clean and ventilated room on a wooden bedstead. The bed be soft and suited to the season. The duration of sleep should be from six to eight hours. For protection the body therefore sleep of the required measure in much necessary as food of adequate quantity. The word "siddha" means ever sure and true, ever ready and ever lasting derivatively. According to this Siddha system, the disease of human beings are 4,448 and there is not a single, which cannot be cured by this system; but in other systems will be found a long list of incurable diseases for which they have no remedies, even for the common cold. Western-trained medical men often request the services of siddha physicians in chromic intractable cases. Hundreds of patients believed incurable are even today cured under the Siddha system treatment and this would be as testimony to the unique success.

Dietetics is also a subject especially of great importance in Siddha system, which does not believe in the dictum. "Take anything you like" because of the fact that diseases can be cured easily by regulation of dietory. Derangements of humours are directly due to the various articles of food supplied to the body and so, the importance of Pathya Bagam(the system of arranging dietery) suitable to the treatment of each disease is very essential.


Siddha have got innumberable medicines of very great therapeutic value in a variety of disease which are considered to be incurable. The medicine in the siddha system is not an end by itself. It is only a means to keep and prolong to an extent the tenure of the soul in the body. The siddha considered the physical body as a base to elevate the soul on its spiritual journey to loftier and lostier heights.

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