KAVIRAJ PHARMAACEUTICALS, & KAVIRAJ SIDDHA HOSPITAL Known For Its Authentic siddha & Ayurvedic medicines, Was established by Kaviraj Dr. T.V. MANICKAM (Late) in the year 1964. Dr. T.V.M. was one of the foremost siddha and ayurvedic practitioners in tamilnadu. He has done a lot of research work in the field of manufacturing and clinical trials. In due course of his experience he developed excellent formulations, which followed and final shape given by his sons Dr. V.M.Velayuthem D.H.M.S. (Late). and Dr. V.M. Murthy B.A.M.S., and Dr.V.M.Raja B.Sc.,B.Pharam., (Rimp) and also by his daughter in-law D.R. R. Bhuvanewari B.S.M.S., Dr. T.V.M.'S vision was that these medicines should each & every part of the world's suffering humanity. Now it has become reality that some of the valuable medicines are being released to the society.

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