Preventive Cure

Diseases occur due to our deeds of the former births or in the present birth. Diseases caused by our deeds of former births have to be borne and they get cured only when their actions are nullified. But we can protect ourselves from diseases by our actions of this birth. The good acts that prolong life is considered as "Prevention' or Kaappu in Tamil.


Disease is also known by other names viz malady, sickness, distemper, suffering, affliction, ailment, distress of mind, chronic disease and dreadful illness.


The enjoyment of life is associated with pleasure. Disease is opposed to this sense of pleasure. Diseases are of two kinds: i. Pertaining to the body and diseases ii. Pertaining to the mind according to the variations of the three humors.


Excepting the diseases caused by our previous briths, the diseases caused by our present birth are due to our food habits and actions.

Saint Thiruvalluvar has rightly quoted this in the following verse

The food and actions of a person should be in association with the nature of his body. Any increase or decrease in a humor viz. Vali (vatham), Azhal (pitham), Aiyam (kapham) leads to the derangement of the three humors. The agreement of food means the taste and quality of the food eaten and a person's ability to diegeist. Agreement of actions means his good words, deeds and actions. According to Thiruvalluvar the disease is caused due to the increase or decrease in the equilibrium of three humors.

The common causes for a person to be afflicted with diseases are mentioned in the following verse of Theraiyar in his "Karisal':

One should avoid anger, very hard work, wearing wet dress, sexual contact with a person afflicted with diseases, speaking loud, talking too-much, over eating and eating with aversion. Instead one should eat the right quantum and right quality of food at the appropriate time.

One should do exercises, should have ambitions and observe fasting with one time meals.

It is the responsibility of a physician to find the cause and to cure the disease.


Diseases will occur due to continuous shouting with a loud voice, carrying heavy loads, talking too much, over indulgence in sex, waving hands always, extending arms, running, practicing archery and driving two wheelers and other vehicles; travelling often in boat; dancing in heavy rains; wearing wet cloths or living in marsh lands; exposure to dews; blabbering in a drunken state; eating cooked lotus tuber; nodding the head during practicing or hearing music, over eating and taking bath in a river for a long time.

One should strictly adhere a good moral life style to avoid diseases.


To be free from diseases and for a healthy living one should consume boiled water, diluted butter milk and melted ghee. Over indulgence in sex should also be avoided.

One who observes the following guidelines lives a better, prosperous and healthy long life. If so, the Lord of Death will never approach and will keep away from him. Drinking Cow's milk; bathing in hot water following oleation; keeping the left hand as pillow while sleeping are good.


Sexual activity and sleep during day time; sexual contact with an elderly woman; exposure to sun's rays in the early morning, controlling defecation and micturation; vegetables that cause constipation and piles; sour curd; food prepared in the previous day even if it is an Ambrosia and eating without proper appetite.

Eating three times a day, day sleep, frequent sexual indulgence and drinking of water during eating are to be avoided. Tubers except elephant foot yam and early ripened plaintain are to be avoided. One should have a short walk after a meal.

Emetic treatment should be done once in six months; purgatives once in four months; nasal application should be done once in 6 weeks (Nasiyam) and shaving the face once in a week; oil bath should be taken twice a week; corrillium be applied to the eyes once in three days and the fragrance of flowers should not be smelt at midnight.

  • One should stay away from women during their menstrual period dust and pollution of goat, donkey and broom.
  • One should not stay below the lamp posts or trees at night.
  • One should not indulge in sexual action immediately after the intake of food.
  • Consumption of food should be avoided at dust.
  • One should respect God, ancestors and teachers and should also respect the Cows.

Those who follow the above rules strictly need not be afraid of death.

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