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KAVIRAJ PHARMAACEUTICALS, & KAVIRAJ SIDDHA HOSPITAL known for its authentic siddha & ayurvedic medicines, was established by kaviraj Dr. T.V. MANICKAM (Late) in the year 1964. Dr. T.V.M. was one of the foremost siddha and ayurvedic practitioners in tamilnadu. He has done a lot of research work in the field of manufacturing and clinical trials. In due course of his experience he developed excellent formulations, Which followed and final shape given by his sons Dr. V.M.Velayuthem D.H.M.S. (Late). and Dr. V.M. Murthy B.A.M.S., and Dr.V.M.Raja B.Sc.,B.Pharam., (Rimp) and also by his daughter in-law D.R. R. Bhuvanewari B.S.M.S., Dr. T.V.M.'S vision was that these medicines should reach every part of the world's suffering humanity. Now it has become reality that some of the valuable medicines are being released to the society.

The Kaviraj manufacturing unit is endorsed with Drugs and cosmetics act 1940, for products including shastric and proprietary medicines. under state government, the Factory is also endorsed with Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (GMP) right from the year 2009.

The Medicines are prepared in a clinically clean environment by adopting highest degree of Plant Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, which paves the way for Product Hygiene. All GMP guidelines such as Standard Operating Procedures, Batch Manufacturing Records, In Process Controls, In House Standards are stringently followed which ensures the Efficacy and Safety of the medicines. Quality raw materials make the quality process. Hence all the Raw materials are tested by the Q.C. Laboratory consisting of Botanical, Microbiological and Chemistry Lab and the tests are carried out for the intermediate and also the finished goods. The Quality Control and Quality Assurance Lab along with the Production Department will go in line with each other and the every step of the process is being assured to deliver a quality medicine.

The Siddha Medicines are used by around 500 institutionally qualified practitioners throughout Tamilnadu.

Evey simple plant remedy is blessed and gifted by GOD and its Handmaiden nature to such an extent, that according to it's own nature and way, it has the power to heal, strengthen, allay pain, cool, warm up, purge, and sweat.


Dr. T. V. M. 's vision was that these medicines should reach each and every part of the world's suffering humanity. Now it has become reality that some of the valuable medicines are being released to the society. We have about 90 products now both in sastric & proprietory category. The research & development work is still in progress to provide more medicines useful in almost all clinical abnomalities.


1. Kaviraj Herbals is to be shaped to do consumer products and export oriented activities.
2. Harsaa Food products for herbal oriented food items,
3. Cosmetics for Herbal Cosmetics,
4. Dr.T.V.M.memorial trust a non profit service oriented organisation yet to be started,
5. Kaviraj Publications for publising medical oriented books,
6. kaviraj siddha medicals a shop which will provide all under one roof with tax free outlet.

For sales Enquiries mail us tvmraja@kavirajherbals.co.in

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